Interface AbortResolver


  • AbortResolver


controller: (<T, C, R>(this) => [any, AbortResolver])

Type declaration

    • <T, C, R>(this): [any, AbortResolver]
    • Returns the provided or generated AbortController plus the wretch response chain as a pair.

      // We need the controller outside the chain
      const [c, w] = wretch("url")

      // Resume with the chain
      w.onAbort(_ => console.log("ouch")).json()

      // Later on…

      Type Parameters


      Returns [any, AbortResolver]

onAbort: (<T, C, R>(this, cb) => AbortResolver)

Type declaration

setTimeout: (<T, C, R>(this, time, controller?) => AbortResolver)

Type declaration

    • <T, C, R>(this, time, controller?): AbortResolver
    • Aborts the request after a fixed time.

      If you use a custom AbortController associated with the request, pass it as the second argument.

      // 1 second timeout
      wretch("...").addon(AbortAddon()).get().setTimeout(1000).json(_ =>
      // will not be called if the request timeouts

      Type Parameters


      • this: C & WretchResponseChain<T, C, R>
      • time: number

        Time in milliseconds

      • Optional controller: AbortController

        An instance of AbortController

      Returns AbortResolver

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