module Moongoon::Collection::Versioning


Include this module to enable resource versioning.

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Instance Method Detail

def count_versions(**args) : Int32 | Int64 #

Counts the number of versions associated with this model.

user = name: "Jane"
nb_of_versions = User.count_versions user

def create_version : String? #

Saves a copy of the model in the history collection and returns the id of the copy.

NOTE Does not use the model data but reads the latest version from the database before copying.

user = name: "Jane"

def create_version(&block : self -> self) : String? #

Saves a copy with changes of the model in the history collection and returns the id of the copy.

The block argument can be used to alter the model before insertion.

user = name: "Jane", age: 20
user.create_version &.tap { |data|
  # "data" is the model representation of the document that gets copied.
  data.key = data.key + 1

def find_all_versions(**args) : Array(self) #

Finds all versions of the model and returns an array of Moongoon::Collection instances.

NOTE Versions are sorted by creation date.

user = name: "Jane"
versions = user.find_all_versions

def find_latest_version(**args) : self? #

Finds the latest version of a model and returns an instance of Moongoon::Collection.

Same syntax as Moongoon::Collection#find_by_id, except that specifying the id is not needed.

user = = "123456"
user_version = user.find_latest_version

Macro Detail

macro versioning(*, ref_field = nil, auto = false, create_index = false, &transform) #

Enable versioning for this collection.

Manages a history in separate mongo collection and adds query methods. The name of the versioning collection is equal to the name of the base collection with a "_history" suffix appended.

NOTE Documents in the history collection will follow the same data model as the base documents, except for an extra field that will contain a back reference to the base document id.


  • ref_field: The name of the reference field that will point to the original document. Defaults to the name of the Class in pascal_case with an "_id" suffix appended.
  • create_index: if set to true, will create an index on the reference field in the history collection.
  • auto: if the auto flag is true, every insertion and update will be recorded. Without the auto flag, a version will only be created programatically when calling the #create_version methods.
  • transform: a block that will be executed to transform the BSON document before insertion.
class MyModel < Moongoon::Collection
  include Versioning

  collection "my_model"
  versioning auto: true