class Mongo::Bulk


A bulk operations builder.

# A Bulk instance can be obtained by calling `.bulk()` on a collection.
bulk = collection.bulk(ordered: true)
# Then, operations can be added…
500.times { |idx|
  bulk.insert_one({number: idx})
  bulk.delete_many({number: {"$lt": 450}})
# …and they will be performed once the bulk gets executed.
bulk_result = bulk.execute(write_concern: 1))
pp bulk_result

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Instance Method Summary

Instance Method Detail

def collection : Mongo::Collection #

The target collection.

def delete_many(filter, **options) #

Delete one or more documents.

def delete_one(filter, **options) #

Delete a single document.

def execute(write_concern : WriteConcern? = nil, bypass_document_validation : Bool? = nil) #

Execute the bulk operations stored in this Bulk instance.

def insert_one(document) #

Insert a single document.

def ordered? : Bool #

Whether the bulk is ordered.

def replace_one(filter, replacement, **options) #

Replace one document.

def update_many(filter, update, **options) #

Update many documents.

def update_one(filter, update, **options) #

Update one document.