class Mongo::Error::CommandWrite


Is raised when the server replies to a write with one or more WriteErrors.

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Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from class Mongo::Error

add_error_label(label : String) : Nil add_error_label, add_retryable_label(wire_version : Int32) add_retryable_label, add_transient_transaction_label add_transient_transaction_label, add_unknown_transaction_label add_unknown_transaction_label, error_labels : Set(String) error_labels, has_error_label?(label : String) : Bool has_error_label?, retryable_read? retryable_read?, retryable_write? retryable_write?, transient_transaction? transient_transaction?, unknown_transaction? unknown_transaction?

Constructor Detail

def : BSON) #

Instance Method Detail

def errors : Array(Mongo::Error::Command) #

def message #