struct Mongo::ReadConcern


The readConcern option allows to control the consistency and isolation properties of the data read from replica sets and replica set shards.

Through the effective use of write concerns and read concerns, you can adjust the level of consistency and availability guarantees as appropriate, such as waiting for stronger consistency guarantees, or loosening consistency requirements to provide higher availability.

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Class Method Summary

Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def : BSON) #

Allocate an instance and copies data from a BSON struct.

class User
  include BSON::Serializable
  property name : String

data =
data["name"] = "John"

def : String? = nil, after_cluster_time : BSON::Timestamp? = nil) #

Create a ReadConcern instance.

Class Method Detail

def self.from_bson(bson : BSON) #


Instance Method Detail

def level : String? #

The read concern level.

def level=(level : String?) #

The read concern level.

def to_bson(bson = #

Converts to a BSON representation.

user = name: "John"
bson = user.to_bson